Henk den Besten’s experience ranges across the entire spectrum of international public health issues, though perhaps his expertise can most easily be summarized as that of a specialist understanding in detail what is needed to make quality products available and how to get health products to vulnerable populations in developing countries. In this regard his track-record is unrivalled and his contribution has set a standard for the industry as a whole.

His expertise in health product manufacturing, procurement and supply management was developed through his experience in managing international organizations like IDA and Iplus, being a team member in organisations like JSI and providing consultancy services to well-known organizations and those with less visibility, and years of experience in training peers.

Indeed Henk’s diverse experience and expertise are matched only by his uncompromising determination to achieve goals and meet the expectations he has set for himself. One needs only look at his achievements to date to realize Henk is one of those rare business leaders who can simply let the results speak for themselves.