Professional experience & skills

The Managing Director of CoachMan, Henk den Besten, has broad experience that encompasses business development and general management of complex, multi-faceted and fast growing organizations. Unique knowledge of and experience in all aspects of the pharmaceutical supply chain are available at CoachMan to support the public and private sector: from demand forecasting, sourcing of raw materials, to manufacturing, to procurement, to quality assurance, to supply management and to secure access by organizing “the last mile” in supply chain management.

The Managing Director of CoachMan, Henk den Besten successfully performed a substantial number of consultancy assignments for leading organizations such as Global Fund, World Bank, USAID and WHO. After have served during 25 years as Managing Director of the world’s largest not-for-profit supplier of quality assured generic medicines and supplies – IDA Foundation -, Henk continued his role as Managing Director at I+Solutions for 5 years. In both instances he set-up, developed and led the organizations from what were initial ‘ideas’ to become world class players with a very high positive socio-economic and health impact for people most in need.

After the creation of I+ Solutions Henk den Besten set up CoachMan Consultancy. He served under SCMS, with emphasis on access to high quality products predominantly locally produced and/or supplied through in-country wholesalers and importers. Since 2016 Henk moved back to Europe, where next to consultancy assignments he is supporting various clients in the creation of new business solutions in the areas as listed below:


IDA Foundation and I+ are recognized and appreciated by the international humanitarian and donor community at large. In addition, thousands of smaller pharma entities operating in developing countries survived and thrived in great part as a result of reliable services provided both organizations. Most importantly, public health of millions of people in often deprived areas benefited from access to quality assured generic medicines and supplies and support UHC in-country. As a result healthier and hence more productive workforce – including thousands of small subsistence farmers – contribute to a positive socio-economic impact in emerging countries and reduction of poverty.