Henk den Besten’s personal commitment and CoachMan’s mission remains: to provide and improve access to medicines for less privileged people and deprived communities around the world. To that end Henk has collaborated with probably every major humanitarian organization. His unique experience and skills can be accessed through CoachMan Consultancy by public and private organizations with similar missions and shared values irrespective of their size. CoachMan’s client bases includes:

  • International organizations including bi-lateral donors, PFSCM, USAID, the Global Fund, the World Bank, WHO
  • Governmental organizations including Ministries of Health, Central Medical stores, hospitals and healtcare providers around the world
  • International non-governmental organizations including Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, Medicines Sans Frontiers, I+ Solutions
  • In-country non-governmental organizations
  • International organisations, including for profit pharmaceutical producers and international wholesalers.